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We came, we left....

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In the weeks before we left on this trip we had many conversations with friends and family about our plans. Many people find it quite strange not to have a fixed plan with transport and accommodation booked in advance. We tend to travel with only a rough plan and few things pre-booked and then kind of roll with it. It can be stressful and lead to some scrambling at the last minute, but then the same can be said if you pre-book and things go .... awry. As it did for us.

We had prebooked our first week - accommodation in Santiago, Chile, a bus ticket across the Andes, accommodation in Mendoza, flight from Mendoza to Buenos Aires. And it all went wrong from the first minute.

We arrived at Perth airport in the early hours to receive a message we'd missed our connecting flight in Sydney. They still put us on the plane though and never mentioned it specifically until we reached the transfer desk in Sydnet, where we were stopped. No flight to Santiago that day so we were put up at a hotel at Mascot. We went into Sydney that night for drinks and dinner. Ironically, the last time we'd been in Sydney was when transited through on our way to Santiago 10 years ago.

Next morning we were on the 10.55am flight to Santiago, via Auckland. So we added New Zealand to our itinerary. That all added a couple more hours to our travel time. We arrived in Santiago about 3pm and took a cab to our hostel in Bella Vista, one day late. The hostel was called the Belle Artes but it was neither really. We had arranged to catch up with a number of people in Santiago over two days but that wasn't going to happen now. We no sooner put down our bags than we both crashed and slept the sleep of the dead for 10 hours.

Bright and early we checked out of the hostel and took the Metro to the bus station and discovered that the bus to Mendoza had been cancelled due to the roads being washed out by rains in the mountains. Disappointing. My bad (non-existent) Spanish meant I couldn't tell if the road was out since Wednesday or wouldn't be open until next Wednesday, either way we were now stranded. We had accommodationpaid for in Mendoza and a flight to BA the following day. So, it was back to the airport and some scrambling to get a flight to Mendoza. Unfortunately that was the same idea as everyone else had so the flights were booked. We bit the bullet and took a direct flight to Buenos Aires.
So, after four days of airports and hotel rooms , we are finally starting our holiday in Buenos Aires.

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The Rough Plan

Theme song: "On the road again.", by Willie Nelson

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With both of our long service leaves' coinciding in 2016, it's time to hit the road again. It's going to be an epic 6 months, taking us to South America, the Caribbean, the US and Europe. The rough itinerary is:
Santiago, Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Montevideo, Uruguay
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(then we have some options where we go in Brazil - maybe Brasillia and Manaus?)
Sucre and the Altiplano, Bolivia
Arequippa, Cuzco and elsewhere in Peru
Caribbean cruise to relax
Island hopping
Playa de Carmen/Cancun, Mexico
New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, etc, USA (road trip)
New York
The to Europe, including:
Czech Republic
and finish up at the Oktoberfest in Munich

Somewhere in there we need to have a holiday. :)

Paul & Shelly

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